The Band

Quantum Pig maintain they are a prog band and not a prog band simultaneously.

Citing influences as diverse as Carl Sagan, Queen, Maya Angelou, Frost*, R Buckminster Fuller and Husker-Du the band’s output manages to be an unashamed love-letter to Prog whilst constantly breaking new ground - lurching merrily and with chaotic grace from punk to pastoral Floydian vistas via pop, brass band, electronica and classic rock.

Formed by lynchpin of London’s experimental music scene Ian Faragher and futurist and author Mark Stevenson the band’s scope is refreshingly broad. Initially conceived as side-project to allow the two musicians to scratch their prog itches the result is something much greater than the sum of the parts, merging Faragher’s encyclopaedic and adventurous musical brain with Stevenson’s pop sensibilities and lyrical chops.

Stevenson’s day-job as a futurist lends the band a wide and truly progressive conceptual palette to work with. Of his bandmate Faragher says, “Mark is unlike any lyricist I know – there’s almost no subject he can’t tackle. He’s also got a way with a melody that allows us to deliver that lyrical punch with real beauty.”

The admiration goes both ways. “Ian is a machine,” says Stevenson. “His ability to merge styles or effortlessly leap from post-punk to electronica to chamber music in a single track is off the scale. It means there’s nowhere we can’t go musically – and that’s incredibly liberating”.

Debut album Songs of Industry and Sunshine was universally praised by critics encouraging the band and their label White Star to embark on further adventures. A follow up to Songs… entitled Confident Relationships With Uncertainty will be released late 2022/early 2023.